auPilot: high-end autopilot modules for UAVs


auSpeed is ready to ship

The smart combo-controller auSpeed is ready to ship. 


While our auSpeed modules are in production now, we are welcome pre-orders and wholesale enquires! We also want to hear your feedback and suggestions.

The auPilot™ Project

The auPilot project has a goal of supplying high-end electronic boards for small UAVs and remote controlled models. All our devices are designed by experienced engineers with latest specialised intergated chips and up to aviation/mil grade components that offer outstanding reliability, efficiency and performance. 


The product line includes:

auPower - a power fusion board series that provide with a precise and glitch-free supply for a UAV autopilot, servos and other electronic equipment. The board allows to connect a spare battery to double protect critical power rails and also has an uplink datafeed that returns to the autopilot vital information about the voltages, currents and temperature.

auSpeed - an electronic combo controller that comprises a speed controller (ESC) with one or four channels, high-efficient power supply with battery doubling and six-channel servo controller. 

auSense - a sensor fusion board that offers all the necessary sensors via one interface:
- 3D accelerometer;
- 3D gyroscope;
- 3D magnetometer;
- barometric altimeter;
- airspeed sensor;
- temperature sensor;
- GPS with an integrated chip antenna, 48 sats parallel tracking and fast 5 Hz update.


The boards include a microprocessor interface (such as SPI and I2C) that allows direct connection to your autopilot hardware providing fast and reliable communication.

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